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Each environment has unique needs and every client deserves individual focus. Weekly maintenance provides regular watering, trimming and nurturing for your plants. Our personnel are trained professionals who really care about plants.

We provide free consultations to estimate what plant displays work best with your space and budget. We are happy to build a design plan with existing plants or suggest a way to “green” a space that has no life forms other than its workers.


Aside from their obvious decorative function, plants serve another purpose. Office air can cause health problems. Recycled air in sealed buildings, cleaning products and chemicals released from copy machines are some common culprits in lowering the quality of your air.

Live plants can:

  • Purify the air (they absorb contaminants).
  • Supply oxygen
  • Increase productivity, decrease employee absenteeism (fresher air lessens potential for illness).*

*NASA research has proven plants to be efficient aids in biological life support systems.